One of the many challenges of owning your own oral surgery practice is having an efficient billing system. Even when your practice’s internal processes are efficient, it can be difficult working with insurance companies to receive timely payment. The subsequent back-and-forth communication with insurance companies can take up a significant amount of your staff’s time. Instead, by keeping your staff attentive to patients and off the phone, they’ll be able to provide a much better experience for each patient that comes through your door.

Dealing with both dental and medical insurance companies can be a hassle and takes time away from patient care, so we are here to make the process much easier for oral surgery offices. OMS Partners specializes in medical billing for oral surgeons, hospitals, and medical practices, because we know how complex each transaction can be.

Insurance Negotiations

Knowing which insurance plans to add, keep, or drop is important to maximizing the use of your time in the operating room. Given the size of our network, we have an intimate understanding of what each procedure is worth to each insurance company. As part of our ongoing billing & collections services, we negotiate with each insurance company annually to ensure that our clients are getting the appropriate reimbursement for the procedures they perform.

Dental Billing vs. medical billing

When it comes to medical billing for oral surgery offices, getting payment isn’t always easy. One reason is there are differences between medical billing and dental billing. Standard dental work typically will get billed to dental insurance companies. However, services like anesthesia could fall under medical insurance, and working with a medical insurance company is different than working with a dental insurance company. Medical insurance claims typically require a few more steps and specific coding to ensure timely payment. Successfully filing these claims can take more time and energy than filing claims with dental insurance.

There are many other things for a oral surgeon’s staff to work on to provide better experiences for their patients. Our medical billing for oral surgery practices includes doing all the work with insurance companies behind the scenes so that staff doesn’t have to. OMS Partners can help ensure timely payments from insurance companies without requiring time and resources from the staff of an oral surgery practice.

You can and should own your own practice

Ensure Timely Payment From Insurance Companies

Nothing is worse than not getting paid by insurance companies, especially when all of the internal systems and processes make the oral surgery practice operate efficiently. Dealing with insurance companies alone can be very challenging, so allow us to remove the hassle. Our staff at OMS Partners works diligently to ensure payments from insurance companies are made on time to make sure oral surgeons can cover their expenses. With specialized medical billing for oral surgery offices, late payments are a thing of the past.

Focus On Patients, Not Billing Issues

While medical billing for oral surgery offices is important to keep the office operating, it’s not the most important aspect of a successful business. When practices utilize the services provided by OMS Partners, they can focus more on providing the best service possible to their patients. Many offices have to hire new employees just to handle the billing side of the business. This strategy can help ensure patients get the attention they deserve, but it also creates more expenses than necessary since another salary has to be paid out.

OMS Partners takes away the burden of having to pay an extra salary and allow the current staff to provide the best service possible to patients. And when it comes to billing issues, we always go the extra mile to ensure the highest reimbursement possible is received.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When Does Medical Insurance Cover an Oral Surgery Procedure?

    Since a patient’s oral health can affect the rest of their body, medical and dental insurance plans will often cover some oral surgeries. The procedures covered by insurance are determined by what insurance a patient has and what type of procedure they need. In many cases, medical insurance will cover oral surgery procedures, such as those that correct physiological conditions that could result in some sort of functional impairment.

    • Surgical treatments, like a difficult wisdom tooth extraction, dental implants, or frenectomies
    • Diagnostic procedures, like bacterial testing or non-routine X-rays
    • Dental or facial trauma, such as injuries resulting from a car accident
    • Non-surgical medical procedures, such as draining abscesses, appliances for TMJ, or general anesthesia

    OMS Partners can help determine which services a patient’s medical insurance covers.

  • How Does Waiting for an Insurance Payment Affect My Practice’s Budgeting?

    The longer you have to wait for an insurance payment, the more impact it will have on your finances. Longer payment times may lead to costs increasing while your revenue decreases. To avoid this, OMS Partners will help your practice take proactive steps to minimize and avoid late insurance payments.

    The first step is to train your staff to start the payment process immediately following treatment. This includes determining exactly how much the patient owes before the appointment while collecting the entire copay and any associated deductibles promptly. Next, your staff should also review patient insurance policies in detail to help patients understand what their insurance covers and whether or not their insurance policies will be active during the course of treatment.

  • Does It Take Dental Coverage Longer to Pay for Procedures than Medical Billing?

    The answer to this question depends on the specific dental or medical insurance provider. Insurance payments can take a while to process due to multiple factors, including the number of parties involved in the billing process. As a result, the amount of time it takes to receive insurance payments from both dental and medical insurance can vary from days to months.

    After an office renders services to a patient, the insurance company has to determine the amount the patient is responsible for paying. This is based on not only the rules of the insurance company, but also the coverage benefits which are outlined in the patient’s policy. The insurance company must review all aspects before sending any payments to the provider.

    OMS Partners can help navigate the specifics to ensure your practice gets paid for services rendered as quickly as possible.

Why OMS Partners Is Different

OMS Partners is different because we work specifically on medical billing for oral surgery practices. We know how all the billing processes work, and consider ourselves to be an extension of any oral surgeon’s office team. Your staff will not have to go through extensive training to learn about our medical billing for oral surgeons program, so instead, they can focus entirely on providing the best patient experience possible. Getting the most out of insurance companies can be a difficult challenge, especially when you don’t have the time or resources to invest in the process. When you rely on OMS Partners, you can ensure you’ll get the maximum reimbursement without having to put forth a significant amount of effort.

Our medical billing services for oral surgeons helps make your office operate more efficiently in many ways. We focus on you so that you can focus on your patients. To learn more about how valuable an addition it can be to your office, contact us online or at (713) 961-2723 today.