Whether you’re starting a dental practice or trying to make your practice run more efficiently, you may have already considered the idea of medical billing for dentists. As a medical billing service for dentists for over a decade, we know the ins and outs of the business, and how to make sure you get paid on time. After all, you can’t miss payroll just because some insurance companies are clogging the payment pipeline, can you? Here are some of the top benefits of working with our firm.

We Help You Get Paid on Time

If you’ve ever tried to collect on a claim before, or have staff who have, you know that not only is time money but collecting on claims takes a lot of time! Your office staff can be top notch and totally efficient, but cutting through the red tape of dental insurance companies can make collecting on claims and submitting required documentation a time-consuming process for your team.

Since we handle medical billing for dentists throughout the United States and have for over a decade, we’ve streamlined the process of working with insurance agencies so that you can expect payments in a timely manner. When you’re working with us, you’ll never have to worry about how to make payroll or purchase necessary equipment because we know how to work with dental insurance companies for prompt payment of claims.

We Help Keep Your Staff Focused on Patient Satisfaction and Appointment Reminders

Many dental patients choose their dentist not necessarily based on your skill and expertise, but because they enjoy the office atmosphere and staff. When your team is on the phone on hold with dental insurance companies, they can’t interact with patients, answer patient phone calls, or get to know your patients by face and name.

When you choose to partner with us for medical billing for dentists, we free up your staff so they can do what you know they do best – sell your practice on the exceptional service they provide. Those special interactions with dental staff who know patients by name, answer the phone so it doesn’t go to voicemail, can promptly schedule follow up appointments, and make dental visits pleasant for patients – even if they did just have a cavity drilled and filled!

We Negotiate with the Top Dental Insurance Companies Annually and Know Who You Should Accept and Who You Should Drop

Dental insurance companies are always trying to negotiate prices on procedures to keep their payment costs down. Keeping track of which providers pay what, and which providers are worth accepting can be a long and tedious task for one person alone!

As a consultant for medical billing for dentists, we negotiate prices with dental insurance companies as part of our billing and collections services, so your staff doesn’t have to. What a relief!

We Know How to Work with Dental and Medical Insurance Companies when Complicated Dental Procedures Arise

Every now and then, you have special patients who have unique needs, like sleep dentistry. Sometimes, collecting on these claims requires working with both dental and medical insurance companies, something that even the most seasoned dental billing office team member may not be familiar with. Because of the different steps and coding required to work with medical insurance companies, your staff will likely have to jump through extra hoops to make sure you get paid on time. Outsourcing medical billing for dentists to a company like OMS Partners, LLC, who work with both dental and medical billing companies on a daily basis, can make this process run much more smoothly and quickly for your dental practice.

We Help You Keep Overhead Low

Some dental practices have so many patients and/or locations that they need to hire a person just to handle dental insurance billing. Not only does that add the cost of a salary to your annual expenses, but also overhead costs including health, dental, and vision insurance or even retirement plan options and matching, if offered.

These costs can easily get out of control, especially as your practice grows and your billing staff member becomes overloaded and needs an assistant for extra help. By working with us for medical billing for dentists instead, we eliminate these overhead costs for you and offer you a streamlined billing and payment service instead.

Contact Us With Any Questions

Whether you already know you want to outsource your medical billing or have questions about working with OMS Partners, LLC, we’re always happy to answer your questions. Call our team today to learn more about our medical billing services for dentists and how we can help benefit your dental practice at (713) 961-2723.