Every oral surgeon’s primary goal is to provide the best possible service and outcomes for their patients. At the same time, someone still has to provide quality oral surgery practice management in order for the practice to succeed. While delegation to an office manager may be appropriate at the right time, OMS Partners is here to provide comprehensive oral surgery practice management services designed to protect and manage the business.

With every new client we work with, we always do a complete assessment of the practice to understand current procedures, processes, financial situations and more. We also want to understand the goals of the business owner so that we can offer tailored oral surgery practice management services. By utilizing our services, business owners can focus on other areas of their business when they know the behind-the-scenes aspects are being handled by someone they trust.

Our Oral Surgery Practice Management Services

Accounts Payable

Our accounts payable services go beyond simply paying bills. We take it a step further and negotiate prices for new equipment and services for the practice, and also help with various contract reviews.

Payroll Processing Services

One of the biggest benefits of working with OMS Partners for oral surgery practice management is our involvement with payroll processing. We will always ensure employees get compensated at the appropriate times and guarantee all federal and state requirements are met. Peace of mind when it comes to payroll processing is appreciated by all business owners, and we are happy to provide it with our services.

Revenue Cycle Management

We continually evaluate our clients’ practices to make sure billing is maximized as much as possible. Effective cash flow requires a constant, diligent effort, which many practitioners don’t have the time for. Our services involve getting every dollar possible into the pocket of our clients, all while keeping it safe with our banking and merchant services relations.

Insurance Services

Insurance is never an exciting topic, and with our oral surgery practice management, business owners won’t have to think much about it. We will provide annual audits to ensure employees and the business, as a whole are protected in the event of a loss.

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Human Resource Services

Providing quality human resource services is often an overlooked aspect of a successful practice. Our services include managing new employee paperwork, outgoing employee paperwork, benefit plans, the creation of policies and procedures, ensuring compliance with government regulations and more.

Financial Reporting

Every practice should regularly review their finances. In addition to preparing financial reports, our oral surgery practice management services include providing suggestions on how to increase efficiency and plan financially. We will also prepare sales and use tax returns, as well as annual federal income tax returns. We also manage the compliance of federal regulations, including the issuance of 1099 forms and filing 1096 forms as required by the IRS.

IT Support

Having IT support when needed is critical. Downtime can be costly, even if it’s only for a few minutes throughout the course of a day. With our IT support services, our clients are never put in a difficult situation.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will OMS Partners’ Approach to Practice Management Replace My Staff?

    OMS Partners only replaces staff if hiring new staff is a specific request as part of the outlined practice management goals. The ability to retain employees contributes to the overall success of your practice, and there are numerous benefits to retaining staff, including:

    • Decreased overhead and hiring costs
    • An already skilled workforce
    • Better office culture and employee loyalty
    • Better connections among staff members
    • Fewer transitions to worry about
    • Fewer gaps in employment

    The amount of time, cost, and stress it can take to hire and train new staff can be significant, and high employee turnover rates can potentially result in staff knowledge loss, low productivity, and higher costs. Therefore, OMS Partners will include current staff in the practice management process unless otherwise requested.

  • How Does OMS Partners Navigate Refund Demands from Medical & Dental Benefit Plans?

    Our process begins with understanding where errors in the insurance process have taken place. For example, one of the most common triggers of a refund demand is when a patient has insurance through their employer, but then they either quit or are laid off from that job.

    The insurance company does not have that information; instead, they only see that the patient was not covered through the employer’s insurance when they received the claim. Thankfully, we have systems to help your staff navigate the best ways to ask the right questions and get the appropriate information from patients for cases like these.

    OMS Partners smoothly navigates refund demands thanks to several years of professional experience. Our goal throughout the process is to encourage optimal results for our clients.

  • How Does OMS Partners Practice Management Help Me Invest in New Technology?

    When creating our practice management strategies, we include current and potential new technology in our evaluations. Technology can make a big difference for your staff, patients, and your practice’s overall reputation. The right technological investments can help set you apart from your competition and increase the overall reputation of your practice. Our ultimate goal is to strike a balance between modernization and cost efficiency to find the best possible options that meet the needs of your practice.

    To help keep costs reasonable and within your budget, we analyze whether the technology you currently use is sufficient for your business goals. If we identify areas for technology upgrades or improvements that can help you meet your business objectives, we will make the appropriate recommendations for new technology.

Work With OMS Partners

OMS Partners wants to do all the work behind the scenes, so you can focus on owning your practice. We take great pride in our oral surgery practice management and want to work with you to create the most efficient business processes. The challenges of managing a practice can be overwhelming at times, especially when the priority is always taking care of your patients. After an initial consultation, we will go to work for you and touch base when required, so you will always know what is going on with your business and can reach out to us at any time.

The best practices need the best oral surgery practice management, and OMS Partners is devoted to providing it. Give us the opportunity to serve you by calling us at (713) 961-2723 or scheduling your initial consultation online. We promise never to let you down and are excited about the possibility of growing your practice.

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