It’s never too early for doctors to begin planning their finances. Whether a doctor is just getting out of college, beginning their career, has a successful and established practice of their own or is getting ready to retire, having a plan for the next step in life is crucial. The reality is financial planning for doctors is often more extensive than they think. On the same hand, doctors typically have many different options when it comes to building their finances now and in the future.

Financial Planning Services We Offer:

Debt Management

Insurance Planning

Estate Planning

Investment Management


As we work exclusively with Oral Surgeons, you can leave the work to our team to develop and implement a customized financial plan. No matter what stage a doctor is at in their career, we can help them achieve both short-term and long-term financial goals. Whether it’s through debt management, insurance planning, estate planning, investment options or anything else, we are the team doctors can rely on.

Cash flow is the life blood of the practice. OMSP was able to manage the claims processing of both medical and dental claims, allowing me to focus on patient care.

Why Financial Planning is important

The unique challenge of financial planning for doctors is that their careers typically get started later in life compared to other professions. This means the accumulation of debt lasts longer with student loans, earnings have to be made up and there could be the possibility of not having the financial means to support their desired retirement lifestyle. We provide financial planning for doctors so they can reap all of the benefits of their efforts while minimizing any potential downfalls. Every doctor has a unique financial situation, so we work with each one individually to create comprehensive plans for current cash flow, maximizing after-tax alpha and managing long-term investments. Doctors typically have more options than they think, and we can help discover them.

Plan Financially At Every Career Stage

In addition to financial planning in the early stages of a young doctors’ career, those nearing retirement age should also know what to expect. The Financial Advisory Group helps clients understand their tax situation, estate planning, investment portfolio and more to give them a better opportunity at enjoying the retirement they deserve. While it’s difficult to predict the future, our team members do a comprehensive analysis to come up with realistic assumptions for the long-term. No matter what stage a medical practitioner is at in their career, we are here to help with their finances.

We understand the struggles with financial planning for doctors. There are always other things to be concerned about other than finances, especially if you have your own practice. With the help of OMS Partners, you can enjoy a sense of security knowing your finances are in order as you continue to live your life and grow in your profession.

Financial Planning for Resident and Fellows: Finances After Residency

If you have recently left residency and are taking your first official steps toward your new career, we encourage you to begin thinking about your finances now. There is truly no time like the present when it comes to considering how you will reach your financial goals and prepare for the retirement life you want to live.

Because the career of a doctor begins later in life, it is very important to consider finances as a top priority right out of residency. At OMS Partners, our team provides customized support for doctors across the nation who have recently started their careers by helping them understand how to deal with their acquired debt sooner so that they can begin focusing on their future, faster.

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Financial Planning For Business Owners

Doctors who own their own business will likely have even more complicated finances. With so many other expenses and requirements, financial planning for doctors who have their own business is crucial. Taking care of employees and creating a satisfying workplace environment is necessary for the longevity of the business, but it’s important to ensure personal finances are taken care of as well.

OMS Partners specializes in financial planning for doctors who have their own practice. With all the complexities of tax laws, insurance planning, investment planning and other implications, doctors should rely on the experts to ensure their finances are in order. We always have our clients’ best interest in mind and work every day to prove it to them.

Retirement PLANNING for doctors

It’s Never Too Early To Plan For Retirement

Retirement planning isn’t always at the forefront of the minds of young doctors. However, financial planning for doctors should realistically begin during residency and continue throughout their career. Sitting down with a professional as early as possible can open up a young physician’s eyes to what they can expect throughout their career. From the amount of debt they can accrue, their potential earnings, benefits of owning their own practice and more. Our clients plan for retirement every single day, even when retirement is an afterthought at this stage of their career.

To learn more about how we approach financial planning for doctors, don’t hesitate to contact us at (713) 961-2723 for a consultation and to get your finances on the right path.