Dental Practice Management

You Can And Should Own Your Own Practice

Dental Practice Management Services

There are many complex processes & procedures necessary to deliver specialty dental practice management services, and we help our clients with all of them. Our services can give you peace of mind knowing your practice is operating smoothly and efficiently while allowing you to provide superior service to patients at all times.

Oral Surgery Practice Management

We provide comprehensive practice management services, including payroll processing, insurance services, IT support and more.

Practice Transitions

With our knowledge and experience in the field, we can help determine if a potential practice will be a good fit.

Practice Start-up

Starting a dental practice takes planning, time and effort. Our services can help build it right from day one.

Other Services

In addition to helping new dental practices get started, we also provide financial services at all times. Billing, accounting, and financial planning are all necessary, but also very time-consuming. With our services, you can shift your focus to other areas as we handle the challenging aspects of accounting.

Medical / Dental Billing & Collections

Medical and dental billing can be time-consuming. Our team can handle all billing aspects to ensure timely payment.

Financial Planning for Doctors

Doctors typically have unique financial situations. We are happy to assist with personal financial planning as well.

Medical Practice Accounting

Proper accounting practices can set your practice up for success. Our experts provide reports to know where your business stands.

Learn how we can help your practice thrive.

Our Partners

We are committed to working with some of the best partners in the dental practice management industry. Whether it’s protecting a dental practice’s assets, allowing for increased productivity or providing other solutions, we strive to only work with the top partners to serve you and your best interests.

About OMS Partners

Our team of dedicated professionals is knowledgeable in all aspects of dental practice management. We specialize in working specifically with dental practices, so our clients can guarantee they will receive a tailored service. Our goal is to allow your practice to be profitable and take your success to new heights.

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