OMS Partners will be on-site at the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons Dental Implant Conference 2022 in Chicago on December 1–3.

This is your opportunity to see the latest advancements in implant tech, take in insights from industry leaders, and stop by our booth to find out more about our leading oral and maxillofacial surgery practice management solutions.

What You Can Learn with OMS Partners

Visit us at Booth 812 any time during this upcoming three-day event to find expert information on buying, selling, and managing your practice. Our experienced team has spent the last 25 years building the skills and knowledge needed to achieve success in this competitive industry, and we are ready to share our insights with you.

While you may have the education, training, and practical experience needed to provide your patients with exceptional outcomes, there is more to running an effective oral surgery practice than procedural skill. 

Your practice is a business, and OMS Partners provides the support you need at any stage, whether you are starting your very first practice or looking to sell as you move into retirement.

We can help you plan for the future of your practice, developing effective strategies for growth and resilience. There is no need to leave the success of your practice up to chance when you can make use of the years of industry insight put into action by the team at OMS Partners.

We also provide solutions to facilitate the day-to-day running of your practice, so you can keep the wheels turning while staying in line with your long-term plans. 

The OMS Partners team will help you with professional financial planning for your practice while providing the accounting and billing services you need. Payroll, budgeting, bookkeeping, and tax preparation — you can leave everything to our experienced team.

Stop By and Say Hi!

We are thrilled to be taking part in the industry-leading AAOMS Dental Implant Conference in Chicago from December 1 to 3. We would love to meet you and hear about the challenges your practice may be facing or what your next big steps may be. 

OMS Partners will provide you with sound, experience-based advice for buying, selling, and managing your practice while we deliver the professional services needed to address each of those areas.