“I knew that I was ready to see patients when I finished my training. I didn’t know how to run the practice. I purchased a practice with OMSP systems already in place. I was immediately struck by the complexities involved in managing a busy oral surgery practice. Cash flow is the life blood of the practice. OMSP was able to manage the claims processing of both medical and dental claims, allowing me to focus on patient care. Someone was always available by phone or email if I had questions, which helped me to learn the business on the fly while continuing to see my patients. OMSP was also able to handle human resources, accounting, legal, financing, or other general aspects of the practice. There was always someone who had “been there, done that”. I still use OMSP after 14 years and they continue to impress me with their attention to detail, readiness to assist, and wealth of knowledge. I highly recommend OMSP.”

– Curtis Bowman, DDS

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